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# Session 2: Data Demonstrations

Welcome back to Making Sense of Maps and Data!

# In this session, we will

  • dive deeper into different types of data
  • learn about how the geometry of spatial data is connected to the shape of the real world ("projections")
  • go over the concept of how to relate spatial data and attributes ("joining" data)
  • review some common file types you might encounter when making a map
  • have a closer look at the LMEC Public Data Portal and learn about metadata

# From last time

In the last session, we...

  • introduced the basics of maps and data
  • discussed the differences between maps and the data that underly them
  • discussed the conscious and unconscious biases engrained in the maps we view and create

# Key Terms

  • join
  • projection
  • coordinates
  • identifier
  • Shapefile
  • GeoJSON

# Goals of this session

At the end of this less, you'll be able to:

  • Explain what is needed in order to bring data about space (geometry) together with data about what's happening in those spaces (attributes)
  • Identify the most common types of file formats used in maps
  • Understand the difference between data and metadata
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