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# Data Schema Homepage

# Meet our schema 👋

This is the homepage for the LMEC's data description schema. The data description schema is used to write metadata which can power the hosting of open, humanistically-contextualized datasets.

Schema overview

The schema is organized into 6 top-level categories: core, access, tags, lifecycle, considerations, and resources

  • core addresses basics of the dataset

  • access links to URLs for direct data access

  • tags uses standard vocabularies and free tags to enable searching and filtering

  • lifecycle documents the checkpoints at which people have come into contact with or changed the dataset to help paint a picture of the data's lineage

  • considerations allows the data describer to evaluate the public usefulness of the data's formatting and available context

  • resources creates a constellation of resources to help someone make sense of the data, including publications, codebooks & documentation, supplementary files, and tutorials

# Schema documentation

You can use this tree to jump to different sections of the schema and learn more about how to populate each section. Each section has codeblocks with example uses.

# Browse the full schema

You can browse the full schema in JSON format here:

# Copy a blank template

You can copy a blank template for writing your own metadata here:

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