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# considerations

# Machine Readability

# Definition

Machine readability refers to how easily intelligible a dataset is to a computer. GIS data is considered machine readable when it is:

  • available in formats such as shapefiles, geoJSONs and CSVs
  • structured in a detailed way that allows for routine or programmatic use

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# Human Readability

# Definition

Human readability refers to how easily accessible or intelligible a dataset is to a human being. The LMEC considers a dataset human readable if it:

  • has accompanying codebooks and data dictionaries
  • has clearly and thoughtfully documented methodologies and lineage
  • has context with definitions or explanations of discipline-specific jargon or technical language
  • easily allows a data user to make sense of or reproduce the steps used to create it

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# Social Embeddedness

# Definition

Social embeddedness refers to the concept that datasets cannot be understood separately from the social circumstances in which they are created and used. The LMEC considers a dataset socially embedded if it:

  • was created by or collaboratively in partnership with the people it represents
  • has accompanying materials which outline the questions it was designed to answer
  • has accompanying materials which thoughtfully reflect on the dataset's usefulness for social justice

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